The Connecticut Rivers Council believes all Scouts should have the opportunity to attend summer camp, no matter their financial situation. Therefore, the Connecticut Rivers Council is pleased to offer camperships to Scouts who are members of the Connecticut Rivers Council who attend a Connecticut Rivers Council Camp.  Camperships are subject to available funding. Camperships are the equivalent of a school scholarship but for summer camp. They are awarded based upon financial need as determined by the most recent 1040 tax form.  Extenuating circumstances may be considered.   

Except on rare occasions, Camperships are NOT granted for amounts greater than 50% of the camp fee.  Camperships are awarded for ONE (1) camp session per Scout.  Camperships are not transferrable between Scouts.  Please file a separate application for EACH individual in a household requesting a Campership (however only one tax form is required to be provided to the council per family).  

The deadline for the submissions is April 1st.  Any Campership applications received after April 1 (or incomplete campership applications not completed before April 1st) will be put into a pool for consideration of any remaining funds.  


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