SCOUTBOOK Sync Information

National is in the process of rolling out the Scoutbook sync and wanted to notify you of this status.  National is staggering units that are starting the sync process on a daily basis to control the volume and not impact response time to the system.

The following message was posted to the Scoutbook Blog today.


National is currently rolling out the Scoutbook Advancement Record Sync with ScoutNet to troops.  When your troop is approved by the system to activate the sync, the Scoutbook Unit Admins for your unit will be notified and given instructions.  It will be a few weeks before all troops are turned on.


NOTE: The sync must be activated for your troop by a currently registered Key 3 member who is also setup in Scoutbook as a unit administrator.  Often the key 3 member is not familiar with Scoutbook so it may be advisable for another Scoutbook unit admin to work closely with the Key 3 member who is going through the steps to activate the sync for your troop.  Once the troop is activated in the sync, any unit administrator can conduct Scoutbook administrative tasks going forward.

We are still in Quality Assurance testing for the Pack rollout.  It will be a few weeks before we begin rollout with the packs.

Here are some things you can do to prepare your unit to be ready for the sync:


1) Make sure all Scouts on the roster are registered in the unit and have their current BSA Member ID in their profile. A unit key 3 member (Unit Leader, Chartered Organization Representative or unit Committee Chair) can go to Member Manager at and download a unit roster which has the member ID and registered name for each Scout. NOTE: For the membership ID to be accepted by Scoutbook, the Scout's First Name or Last Name must be exactly as it appears in the first name or last name field in your council's system. If you have problems, please contact your council registrar and ask them which name is in which field. 


2) Make sure there are no duplicate Scouts on your roster in Scoutbook.


3) The person who will be setting your unit up for the sync must be: a unit key 3 member (Unit Leader, Chartered Organization Representative or unit Committee Chair.) and a Scoutbook Unit Admin. They will need to verify their My.ScoutingTools login credentials so they should check that they can log in at and they are listed as a key 3 member.


4) Make sure there are at least 3 Scoutbook unit admins in your unit, and that they have logged into Scoutbook at least once.


A user guide on activating the sync is here:  If you have any questions about the sync, send an email to: [email protected] 


Looking for Help?

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