Popcorn Sales

The Popcorn Sale is a “win-win” situation for everyone! Our Scouts have an opportunity to earn money to help pay for Summer Camp, High Adventure or any other Scouting Program and our units can earn much-needed dollars to deliver that quality program. Our Council can continue to provide the many extras that we provide because popcorn sales program supports our operating budget.

Last year in the Connecticut Rivers Council, units participating in popcorn sales were able to fund their programs with this Council sponsored fundraiser.

Commission Structure

30% for all popcorn sales

To achieve 37% commission on popcorn sales the following requirements must be met:

Attendance at one of the three popcorn Kickoff's will result in an extra 4% commission.

Paying your bill by December 14, 2017 will result in another 3% commission.

Total commission not to exceed 37%.