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Troop 140 Visits Camp Sikorsky


Members of Troop 140 recently attended Camp Sikorsky to work on Aviation, Drafting, Energy, Chemistry and Engineering merit badges. Scouts have to be First Class and at least 14 years old to attend. At the Friday night opening ceremony, the Sikorsky President told the Scouts that at the facility in Stratford they make some of the most sophisticated helicopters in the world, have the best and brightest employees and yet he finds it so humbling to look out his office window to see 450 Scouts Camped out on Sikorsky’s front lawn!

The Scouts toured the facility to see the avionics lab, simulators and the production line where 26 helicopters are currently being built. The highlight was the scouts getting the opportunity to sit inside a Black Hawk helicopter. Camp Sikorsky is celebrating its tenth year and Boys Life magazine was there the entire weekend to do a feature story.

At the Saturday night festivities, Sergei Sikorsky, son Igor Sikorsky - company founder and inventor of the helicopter - addressed the scouts and told stories of his father. He said his father got the idea of the helicopter from drawings of Leonardo daVinci and stories from Jules Verne. Sergei showed the scouts a picture on the big screen of the first man being rescued by a helicopter with a harness. He stated it was him when he “…had hair and was a few pounds lighter”.

Igor Sikorsky wanted the helicopter to be used for good, to help people. Every picture on every wall had pictures of helicopters and everyone was doing something good. They make the Black Hawk helicopter at Stratford but no armament is put on at Sikorsky.

The Scouts got a T- Shirt for attending the weekend. The front had a drawing of Sikorsky's early helicopter and on the back a quote from Igor Sikorsky (1947) -  "If you are in trouble anywhere in the world, an airplane can fly over and drop flowers, but a helicopter can save your life".


Caption for picture:

Pictured left to right, Troop 140’s Joe D'Allesandro, Bill Fitzpatrick, Tyler Difelice, Andrew Work, Don Carew, Chris Carew, Dylan Perham, and John Albini.

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